BKK011 : the magnificant palaces and temples of Bangkok

  bangkok palace and temples  This tour will direct you to the most important and the most beautiful historical architectures of Bangkok.  
   Their historical background will provide the general idea about the royal family and the religious beliefs which  
   Thais hold in their daily lives.It covers Wat Po (temple of the reclining Buddha), Wat Benchamabopit  
   (marble temple), Grand Palace, and Vimanmek mansion, the world biggest golden teakwood palace of King  

  BKK012 : Market and the local lifestyles intouch

   The word 'grassroot' is quite popular during this decade when a political party has steadily used it to deliver to  
    its target audiences, the policies of which benifit aims toward majority at the foundation level of economy.  
   We can refer to this word when we make this trip because its main point of interest is to explore the life of  
   Bangkokians at this level. Many markets are within coverage while we walk through communities of different  
   races and religions. Namely these markets are the flowers market,stereo and electronic market of the Thai, the  
   clothes and ornament market of the Indian, and the fresh market and street of gold in Chinatown.  
   Our means of transportation is mainly on foot. Lunch and coffee break will be in the real simple food and coffee shop. By this way,  
   we can be really in touch with the local lives.  

BKK013 : Trip in Bangkok by skytrain

    Skytrain, the 2nd newest mass transportation system in Bangkok, was opened on December 5th,1999 to relieve  
    the traffic crisis in this great metropolitan at the time. Currently, there are only 2 lines which crisscross to cover  
    the business and shopping heart of Bangkok. Running on high level above many important buildings, skytrain  
   offers a new way of overlooking Bangkok which we haven't experienced before on ground.  
   This tour is designed to rely on skytrain travelling. We make may hop offs to visit Soi Lalaisup - the street  
    market for the white collar, Siam Square--the fashion square of Bangkok, wat Patoomwanaram and its  
    meditation site and the Rajprasong intersection of magical beliefs. We finally end this tour on entering the Lumpini public park. Here  
    we can be relaxed, the same way as the locals do after their long serious working days.  

BKK014 : Bangkok light-up and market walk by night

   When people talk of the trip to explore Bangkok by night, many of them think of the sexy activities they can do  
   in the lonely night. They also think of the illumination of all pubs and bars surrounded by group of sexy girls.  
   That may be one side in the night of Bangkok.   
   In fact, if our vision is opened properly, we will easily see Bangkok by night in another side.The illumination  
   can be seen but this time on the cultural architectures. Rather than the sexy dancing girls, we will see lifestyles  
   of the Bangkokians from different ankles. Let join us and gain the new vision of the Bangkok by night.  

BKK015 : In memory of my dreamworld

   We will leave the busy working day behind and enjoy our fantasy in the land of dream. Lots of pics from good  
    memories are presented as to aspire those who may still be busy in lives to be more relaxed and join us to this  
   SET1 : dream world action  
   SET2 : dream world fantasy