CEN001 : Koh kred,on bike, and boat trip around the island

   Koh Kred is a small island along the Chaophraya river around 20 km. up north of Bangkok. Its formation was  
   simply by connecting the 2 river curves with a canal by the order of king Taisa during the late Ayuthaya period.  
   The approximate 6,000 people who register here were divided into buddhist-Thai & Mon ,and also Thai  
   Muslim. Each has one own way of living. While most of the Thai Buddhists and Thai Muslims earns their  
   income mainly from their agriculturing, the Mon buddhists live on trading and pottery making.   
   Biking along the ring road that runs over half of the island can offer you the best opportunity to involve with  
   them, learn from them and probably them. xchange idea with th.The speedy boat trip around the island is quite  
   enjoyable with beautiful scenery. It can also describe how patient the ancient people were when they needed to  
   travel along this highly curvy river.  

   CEN002 : in the ruins and villages of Ayuthaya

   The legend of Ayuthya began when king Ramadhibodi 1 (U-Thong) settled his city and announced it the center  
   of his kingdom in 1350. It functioned loyally since then till 1767 when the Burmese army broke into the city and  
   seriously destroyed it into ruins.The total 417 years of its legend had marked many periods of uprise and decline  
   of the kingdom.  
   Travelling through the ancient ruins of Ayuthya on bike will bring you closely back to the idea of the prosperous  
   period of the city which was once even bigger than London, and of its decline when the people in charge were  
   divided into groups and never trusted one another and finally led to its falls in 1569 and 1767 respectively.  
   Many classic scenes of the ruins as well as the current lifestyle of Ayuthaya people is anticipated during this half  day biking.  

CEN003 : an impressive evening in Ayuthaya

   In the whole history of Siam, Ayuthaya had been the second capital for the longest period. For 417 years it  
   could stand as the center of the Siamese power, it had passed through many periods of joy and suffering. It had  
   witnessed the greatest period of the Siamese when the Thais were in great harmony. Also I could regret the  
   severe internal conflict within the kingdom which led into the final fall of Ayuthaya. Nowaday,ruins of temples  
   which were majorly destroyed during the last  war with Burma are maintained and their stories  are   
   recovered as such to  evidence the prosperity of the old Siam.  
   The honor from the UNESCO "Ayuthya, the world heritage" since 1991 becomes a great motivation for many travellers to once visit  
   this city.The real barriers that may block them away are the climatical heat and the overwhelm history. To avoid such problem,We  
    design this trip to be in the late afternoon in such the way to harmonize both the mental and physical satisfaction.  

CEN004 : in the experience of nature and the cruel memory of the 2nd worldwar

   When people talk of natural forest and possibility of trekking in Thailand,Chiangmai and Chiangrai are always  
    the first 2 provinces which they can suddenly recall. The distance of over 700 km.away from Bangkok, for some  
    travellers, makes it seems too far to reach.Karnchanaburi which is only 128 km. away to the west of Bangkok  
    can be the closest choice.  
   During the 2nd world war, Karnchanaburi was a strategic province where the Japanese laid the rail to make the  
    inland connection between Thailand and Burma. It was to replace the marine channel where the inferior fleet of  
    the Japanese gunships were often bombed down by the superior allied airforce. Over 200,000 labors from the          
    P.O.W. and asian workers were commanded on its construction to make up with the tight time schedule.  
   Almost half sacrificed their lives for it.  
   After war, some parts of the rail are maintained and many museums are built to remind the younger generations  
   of the war cruelty. They become another attraction for the trip to this province.  
   Karn 01 : in the footstep of the P.O.W. along the death railway,Karnchanaburi          
  Karn 02 : the natural adventure alongside the Kwae Noi river, Karnchanaburi  
  Karn 03 : trek waterfalls, ride elephant, be friends with tigers and enter the Khmer ruins in karnchanaburi