EAS1202 : Train, temples and market at Chacherngsao  
   This is the trip to many highlight temples and markets of Chachengsao,the eastern province of thailand.  
    Multi-channels of transportation will be taken from the local train, mini-van, barge (minimum 10 passengers  
    is required) and small local boat to visit temples of different buddhist sects and beliefs. Wat Sothornvararam is  
   the famous dheravas buddhist temple by the bangpakong riverside. Wat upaipatikaram is of mahayana sect.  
   Wat samanratanaram is the dheravas buddhist temple with the gigantic image of kanesh,the hinduist elephant  
   head god,also by bangpakong riverside. Baanmai market once the old famous market has been enlived again  
           with variety of snack, food and gifts.  
   EAS1201 : trip to baangsaen and pattaya