The general statistic of Thailand in 2007 reports about 64 million Thai citizen resides within over half million square kilometers  
   size of land. one/third of its land and also the population lies on the north-eastern region. The residential number increased  
   steadily during the last 100 years after rails and roads were completed to connect the then forgotten area to the central  
   development.In fact, this big piece of land posseses varieties of charmful attractions from nature to historical sites. Many are  
   even older than the history of the country.  
   The real barriers which block visitors out are the long distance of one attraction to others, and also its huge land coverage  
   which make it difficult to decide from where to get start. To solve such problems, we have designed our trips into different  
   routes. Hereunder is the journey to the lower North-eastern region.  
     LOWER ISAN 01 : "the natural trip from the Kao Yai national park to the wineyard of Korat"  
   Kaoyai is the name of the regional forest which divides the central and and the north-eastern region of  
   Thailand apart.Being announced the national park in 1962, it becomes the first national park of Thailand.  
   The forest size of 2,165 is cut through by 2 connected roads which make it easy to access to from  
   either side of the region.Many activities can be enjoyed by people from different ages, from trekking along  
   the natural trail,visiting waterfall at the national park, to the romantic vineyard visiting just on its edge.  
   the short distance for only 3 hours drive from Bangkok, in accompany with many good points mentioned  
     above, uplift this national park on the top 10 most popular national parks to visit of Thailand.  
      LOWER ISAN02 : "Great fun in the Chokchai dairy farm and the Korat open zoo."  
   Chokchai farm gets start from the dream of one businessman who is fond of the cowboy lifestyle. The  
   time passed by, the farm has passed big transition from the farm for flesh to one of the most modern  
   dairy farm in south-east asia. Part of the farm is opened for tourism and become the top pick site for  
   eco- tourism of Thailand. Much knowledge of dairy farm operation,scene for photos and many  
   entertainment activities are awaiting for our visit. Then we continue to korat and see more safari animals  
   at the korat open zoo.  
     LOWER ISAN03 : "learn local wisdom and trace evidence of the khmer culture over the N/E of Thailand"  
   The culture of thais has been absorbed and mingled up from different sources by centuries. This trip will  
    show us the influence of the ancient khmer which spreaded over the panomdongrak and sankampaeng  
    mountain range to the lower north-eastern region of Thailand. The local technique of making pottery can  
    also be witnessed along the way.  
           LOWER ISAN04 : "the monkey kingdom, Lopburi and the Bang-pa-in summer palace, Ayuthaya"  
   In fact, there are still many places around Thailand where monkeys live closed to the human communities.  
   However, lopburi is the only big city where human beings and monkeys live in the same precinct.The  
   monkeys here are well treated and are quite protected on the belief that they belong to the local hinduist  
   god from the khmer period. On the way back to Bangkok, we take chance to visit bang pa in summer  
   palace of Ayuthaya. Though we call it the Siamese summer palace, just one architecture within the palace  
   is considered real thai.All other buildings are built up in non thai style. This can be explained as one of  
     several policy our king chulalong korn (Rama 5) applied to keep independence of siam in the period of  
     aggressive colonization.  
     LOWER ISAN05 : "on the rim of kaoyai and wangnamkaeo, the south european like of thailand "  
   One of the ambitions in the dream of thais, is to travel abroad for at least once in their lives. The most  
   likely destinations if we ask, are some countries in Europe. The hilly kaoyai by geography and the more  
   comfortable colder climate than that of cities, give opportunity for estate developers to develop their  
   projects in resemble to many popular markets and residential locations in Europe. This will ease many  
   thais who could not afford by finance and by time to go abroad to fill up their dreams.