NOR001 : Unforgotable experiences in the forgotten town at Maehongson

   Maehongsorn is the Northern province in mid of the mountains which occupy over 90% of its geography. It is  
   also known as the land of 3 mist by 3 seasons of Thailand, which are the rainy mist in rainy season, cold mist  
   during winter and smoky mist from fire during Summer.The total 345 kilometers from the old road, or the  
   245 kilometers distance on new road from Chiangmai is not too far to reach. The real problem that blocks  
   passengers away is more of the curvy road which runs up and down the mountains.They are as many as 1864  
   curves along the old road from Chiangmai down to Hod,then to Mae Saliang until Maehongson. It is the  
           curviest road of Thailand.  
     On the good view, such barrier also blocks the town from the external interference. Lifestyle of people is still  
   maintained and the nature is well preserved. These are all waiting visitors to explore and discover the mystery  
   behind the land of 3 mist.  
   Maehongson01 : To the long-neck village and intown temples in Maehongson  
   Maehongson02 : Baan Pangmoo,the first village and the Chinese tea community in Maehongson