SOR001 : On the romantic road from Bangkok to Hua-hin  
   Cha-am and Hua-hin are two of the most popular name for the beach vacation in Thailand. Only 220-250 km.away on the South  
   of Bangkok makes it easy to arrange a short beach vacation. Even a day trip from Bangkok is possible.  
   In fact, there are still many other attractions worth visiting along the driving to Hua-hin. Some already have their name listed on the  
   tourist map of Thailand, ie.the Damnern Saduak floating market and Kao Luang cave. Many have been neglected for long and start  
   to be noticed especially after the TAT launched out the campaign ‘Unseen Thailand’.  
   The following package is proposed as such to combine many attractions and activities people can enjoy along the way to Hua-hin.  
   Overnight breaks are set in each location so that we will be closer involved with each attraction. Then we will know from now on  
   Hua-hin may still be the final but not the only destination on the closer south of Bangkok.  
           south 01 : "trip to Mahachai and Maeklong"  
   we are riding on the two intervals of the railways which had been used since 1903 and 1904 respectively.  
   Train in the first interval from bangkok to mahachai is more like public bus, where people hop on and off  
   to go to class and work. Then,we walk around the mahachai market at samutsakorn, which is known as the  
   seafood town near bangkok.Train on the second interval runs less regularly.The main point of riding is at the  
   end station when the train runs through the hoop-rom market. We will see how the local traders move their  
   products which are placed directly on the rail side to give way for the train to pass through. Afterward we go  
           further to ampawa to see many local attractions. The sole evening floating market in Thailand can be seen here  
           on weekend and public holidays.  
           south 02 : "trip to floating market at ampawa and damnernsaduak"  
   We wake up early to see the local daily activities. Monks come out to receive food offering on boat. different  
   kind of food are prepared and offered on boat direct to the pier of your residences. Then we go to the "Tha-ka"  
   floating where the native vendors carry their agricultural products and food for sale on boat.This market is on  
   only on public holidays. the world famous damnernsaduak floating market is next to visit. Since this market  
   is international, the products on sale are also mixture of the local products and souvenirs. It is also amazing  
   to see the local wisdom on how to carve on teakwood and how to make use of the overall coconut parts.  
     south 03 : "trip to petchburi-- the city of craftmanship"  
   Petchburi was positioned as the center of craftmanship during the early ratanakosin (Bangkok) period. Major  
   craft masters were relocated here and created many works of art which can be seen around the town. The  

 weather was so fresh that 3 kings of siam made 3 summer palaces here. This trip will bring us to see the

   evidences of artworks and all the three summer palaces and the beautiful cave of town.  
           south 04 : "trip on bike at CHA-AM"   

 When we talk of Cha-am, the first in thought is Cha-am beach. Infact there are some more hidden charm of

   lives which can't be seen while we drive. The best way to get impression is to bike, to walk and to be involved  
   personally on spot. We can also see the fisherman village, prawn farm, houses of brick and beyond expectation,  
   paddy field, during the ride.