one day trip to Bang Pa-In summer palace and Ayuthaya
 We leave Bangkok heading north to Ayuthaya-- the longest capital being of Siam and by the UNESCO, the world  
     heritage honored from Thailand.  
 We visit the Bang Pa-In summer palace. King Chulalongkorn of Siam (1868-1910) ordered the rebuilt on the same  
     site of the palace which was totally destroyed during the fall of Ayuthaya in 1767. Many western style architectures  
     were built in this Thai palace as a strategic policy to keep Siam independent during the aggressive colonization  
     period. Beautiful landscape awaits to be taken photos by visitors.  
 We continue on a long tailed boat along the Chaophraya river to Wat Panachueng, the famous temple among Thais  
     and Chineses, which is older than the Ayuthaya capital itself. The scenic thai houses and Ayuthaya lifestyle can be  
     seen during the boat trip.  
 At wat Panancheung, we pay respect to Luang Por To, the biggest sitting Buddha image of Ayuthaya. We can  
     witness how the Thais and the Chineses do the wishes and the offering as it might be several hundred years ago.  
 We enjoy lunch in a hotel/restaurant in Ayuthaya  
 We visit the ruins of wat Mahatat. Once it was the center of the monk in town during Ayuthaya period. The main  
     Prang (Buddhist memorial in Khmer style) was as high as 25 meters before it collapse down. In 1957, officers from  
     the department of fine art excavated the temple and recovered many artifacts which are later kept in the Chao Sam  
     Phraya national museum. For tourists, the most impressive scene which can be seen more often on postcard is the  
     sandstone head of buddha image being dropped and being protected by roots of the Ficus on this temple ground.  
 We visit Chao Sam Phraya national museum to see the sample of the Ayuthaya golden art works which were  
     recovered from many important temples especially from wat Mahatat and wat Rachaburana.  
 We visit wat Phra Sri Sanpet, the temple in the ancient palace of Ayuthaya. The plan of this ancient palace and the  
     temple gives the idea to develop the Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha temple in Bangkok. We walk around  
     and learn the story of Ayuthaya from the properous period till its fall.  
 We leave Ayuthaya back to Bangkok  
 We arrive Bangkok safely with load of impression.