one day trip to floating market and elephant ground zoo at sampran with lunch
 Depart early morning and drive 80 kilometers to samutsongkram (maeklong),the 2nd province to west of Bangkok.  
     By the time, workers are rushing out for their early work in factories. We will pass by several salt fields where people  
     produce salt from sea water.  
On arrival to samut songkram, we have a short walk along the narrow market on railside where trains still run on as  
    regular as 6 times back and forth per day. We can witness how brave and how flexible the local thais live and adjust  
    their lives to the limitation of the environment.  


Then we continue on drive to tarnluang boat pier to get on small longtail boats which carry us along the canal network  
    onto the world famous damnern saduak floating market. We will pass several coconut plantation and see how people  
    make use of coconut especially to make brown sugar from coconut flowers. Upon arrival the floating market at heart,   
the motor on boat is off and paddle is used instead to go through the floating market. We get off the boat on another  
    end of the floating market. A short time for personal shopping is provided before we continue our 1.5 hours drive to  
    the sampran crocodile farm and elephant ground zoo.  
We have a simple buffet lunch in the restaurant at the farm front. Then we head on to see the elephant performance on  
    ground. This crocodile farm is considered the second biggest in Thailand. Over 6,000 crocodiles are estimated in this  
    farm.They also perform the crocodile wrestling show but the most highlight program for this farm visit is the elephant  
    show. Different aspects of the thai elephants in relation to the  talent of the elephant and the use of it since the ancient  
    time are excitedly display by using the light and sound effect. This is really the best elephant show in Thailand,  
    probably of  the world.  
After the show ends, we can stroll around to get familiar with elephant as well as to look around for the crocodiles.  
    We may be generous to give banana to elephant and chicken to crocodiles.  
We drive back to bangkok  
We arrive safely back to the hotel.