Trip to Nakorn Patom and Ampawa,samutsongkram
DAY 01 
 Leave Bangkok heading west to Nakorn Pathom province  
 Visit the Thai Human Imagery Museum.Similar in concept to the Madam Trusauds’ in London and in Amsterdam,  
 This museum shows the images of the famous Thais and a few famous persons of the world. However, rather than  
     the wax which may melt in this warm climate, fiber glass is invented for use and prove to be more proper.  
 Leave the museum to Phra Patom Chedi  
 Pay respect to Phra Ruang Rojanalit,the Buddha image and the relics of the Buddha which are kept under this biggest  
     Buddhist memorial (Chedi) in Thailand. The memorial at sight covers another 2 older memorials under. The  
     undermost evidences the first step of Buddhism into South East Asia around 2,000 years ago.  
 Enter the Sanam Chandra Palace of king Vachiravuth, King Rama VI of Bangkok. Enjoy its nice landscape, see the  
     surrounded by mansions in different styles, from Thai to the European neoclassical and Renaissance. Do not forget  
     to Yalae monument, which is one of the few monuments of dogs in the world.  
 Leave the palace to the Elephant ground zooSampran .  
 Enjoy buffet lunch at the zoo front restaurant  
 See the mini light and sound elephant show, which is considered one of the greatest in Thailand. From the show, we  
     can learn how we previously catch wild elephants and how clever asian elephants can be trained in different purposes.  
     Then it comes to the climax when elephants are used at war.  
 Free time to reward the elephants or to be generous in feeding thousands of crocodiles in another parts of the zoo.  
 Leave the Sampran Elephant ground zoo to Ampawa  
 Visit Wat Julamanee, at Ampawa. Pay respect to Luang Por Nuang, the famous monk of the region, whose body still  
     remains in form, years after he died. The body is now placed in a glass coffin in a thai teak house being gilted with  
 Check in and relax in a homestay by the Ampawa canalside.  
 Enjoy a simple thai set dinner under the candle light on the balcony of the homestay.  
 Board on the long-tailed boat along the Ampawa canal to see blinking fireflies which attempt to find their matches for  
    mate on several Lampoo trees (Sonneratia Caseo Taris)  
 Back to rest and sleep with nice dreams of the beautiful places we visited today.  


 On Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as the public holidays, the famous evening floating market will be on.

    It is just 5 minutes walk from the homestay. Varieties of foods, snacks and gifts are displayed on boats and  
   shops while we walk along the classic walkway by the canal banks.  
 DAY 02  
 Wake up and get ready for offering foods to Buddhist monks who come on boat.  
 Enjoy the simple breakfast which composes of bread, patongko and coffee/tea (all self service), while looking to the  
     on going lives at the canal front of the balcony. Extra foods, snacks and drinks can be on call to the passing by    
     boatboys and girls.  
Leave the peaceful homestay to the house of polychrome porcelain ( Bencharong )  
 See the young local artists drawing designs free hand on the plain white porcelain at the backyard of the house,before  
     they are sent to be baked at kiln.The designs can be either to imitate the ancient antiques or to make the contemporary  
     art. Many pieces of art from here had been presented as welcome souveniors to George W.Bush from USA and many  
     other famous persons around the world.  
 Pay respect to Luang Por Nil Manee (the Buddha image) at Wat Bang Goong. This temple has been vacanted since  
     the 2nd fall of Ayuthaya (1767). For centuries,a figus has spread its root to cover the vacant assembly hall. That makes  
 it so mysterious and mystical. Recently, The Tourism Authority of Thailand promotes this temple a site of “unseen  
 Walk along the exciting market along the rail side in Samutsongkram downtown. See how the vendors manage their  
     displays to give way to the trains which are scheduled to run over 6 times daily back and forth.  
 Leave ampawa on the way back to Bangkok  
 Arrive the seaside Bangkhuntien,then board a boat from the canal to the open sea. Be impressed with the scene of    
     mangroves and aqua-farms as we approach the Bang Khuntien seaview restaurant .  
 Enjoy the set Thai food at the seaview restaurant.  
 Leave the reastaurant on boat back to the shore.  
 Greet and feed the last horde of  crab eating macaques in Bangkok  
 Leave the seaside Bangkhuntien.  
 Arrive home safely with full load of impression.