one day trip to temples and markets at CHACHERNGSAO
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 be ready at HUALAMPONG train station  
 train departs hualampong station on the eastern route away from Bangkok. The train ride will be approximately  
 one and half hours. The scenes on way will be the close to rail houses and residences and switch to more open  
 paddy fields as we are away from bangkok  
 We arrive Chacherngsao, the eastern province only 72 km.away from Bangkok. Then we drive to wat Sothorn  
 the famous temple of town along Bangpakong riverside. Legend says Luangpo Sothorn, the principle buddha  
 image of this temple is one of the 5 images which miraculously float along the 5 main rivers runing from the  
 central region to the sea.  
 We drive to a pier to boad a tourist barge (minimum 10 persons is required) along the Bangpakong river upstream.  
 We can see residential and commercial houses, restaurant and important governmental houses along the way.  
 we get off the barge at Baanmai market. This old market, which was almost dead after the coming up of the  
 modern trade,becomes lively again after it changes its face to tourism sphere. We can go shopping and dining and  
 be reminded of the old market environment 60-70 years ago.  
 After shopping and having lunch, we walk out of the market to wat upaipatikaram. This is the real mahayana  
 buddhist temple of which the principle buddha image is honored one of the three chinese-thai holy buddhas--  
 Somporkong--of thailand. The style of the temple and the practice and dress of the monk look different from  
 those of dheravas sects.  
we are back to Baanmai market to ride on a small longtail boat to wat smanratanaram. The boat ride will take  
 about 45 minutes. The upcountry scene as well as the local riverside lifestyle show up from time to time during  
 the ride. before arrival the temple we will see the watergate which is to command the current and preserve water  
 for agricultural purpose.   
 though wat Samanratanaram is the dheravas buddhist temple, holy images of mahayan buddhist sects and of  
 hinduism can also be seen here. The main attraction of this temple is the gigantic kanes in the romantic happy  
  posture. This elephant head god is worshipped in trend during the last 20 years. Though the hinduist god, Thai  
 buddhists also honor him to "god to remove obstacle" and "god of artist"  
 we leave wat samanratanaram temple and drive back to bangkok  
 we arrive safely back to bangkok with full of the daily impression.