"Great fun in the Chokechai dairy farm and the Korat open zoo."

   The general statistic of Thailand in 2007 reports about 64 million Thai citizen resides within over half million square kilometers  
   size of land. one/third of its land and also the population lies on the north-eastern region. The residential number increased  
   steadily during the last 100 years after rails and roads were completed to connect the then forgotten area to the central  
   development. In fact, this big piece of land posseses varieties of charmful attractions from nature to historical sites. Many  
   are even older than the history of the country. The real barriers which block visitors out are the long distance of one attraction  
   to others, and also its huge land coverage which make it difficult to decide from where to get start. To solve such problems,  
   we have designed our trips into different routes. Hereunder is the journey to the lower North-eastern region.  

 Edutainment trip at the Chokchai Daily Farm
   The legend of this farm began in 1957 when Mr. Chokchai Bulkul bought a big piece of  
   land near the Dong Phya Yen forest to start his mixed agricultural project. It is a few  
   year before the government announced there the first national park of Thailand.  
   At start, their main business was emphasized on cow for fresh to fill up with the owner's  
   dream of cowboy being. Modern technology had been applied for the development of  
     the farm and the quality of their fresh, which were delivered to different markets, and    
     also to their "Chokchai Steak house".    
     Their daily business was established 21 years afterward. Its pasturized milk under the    
   'Chokchai brand' had been popular among the Thais for many years.The brand was  
   however sold out later to raise up fund for their progessive farm development. It was  
   proved the right decision because now, this farm is honored the biggest daily farm with  
   the best management in South-east Asia. Its productivity reaches 18 litres of milk/cow/  
   day. In total it can supply 30 tons of fresh milk to the market daily. Total size of  
   Chokchai farm covers 32 sq.km. It is splitted into 5 seperated ranches due to different  
     period of purchase. Almost 60 percent are given to produce the food supply for the    
     cattles. 20 percent are for feeding up the young cows before they are ready to go on the    
     milking process. The real productive parts of the farm where all the Chokchai products    
   are produced daily is only 4.96 sq.km. This section is now opened for tourism.  
 Journey to the Chokchai daily farm
   The trip to the farm starts in a conference hall at front. Slides are displayed to provide  
   the general background of the farm. Then,we get into the farm under the spray of  
   disinfectant.Hygiene needs to be of great concern now because we are going into the  
   core business of the farm,the milking business.  
     Currently, machine is applied in the milking process. Raw milk comes automatically    
     through the pipe directl into the tanks where it stays awaiting  to be pasturized or    
     sterilized. The traditional hand milking is demonstrated also. Technique is required to    
   get the milk out easily and to be safe from being kicked out by the upset ladies.We are  
   invited to rape them as well if we are brave enough.  
   'UMM... milk' icecream is second in our interest. We enter their milk plant to learn their  
   production process. Photo can't be taken here because the copyright is enforced. small  
   portions of icecream are given for test after the explanation completes.The real purchase  
   is possible at the icecream shop in front of the farm.  
     Beside milk and icecream, steak is another popular farm product. Temperature is    
     controlled and special techniques are applied to preserve and maintain its quality.    
     Unfortunately, its production site is not in our schedule.  Probably, it is in another    
   ranch or it may be not pleasant for such the family  trip. Nevertheless, we may check  
   its quality at the Chokchai steakhouse at the farm front.  
   To explore this big farm, wheel tramps are provided to carry us along. On our ride, we  
   see the sunflower plantation. Its seed is the main source of Protein for the cattles.We pass  
   by haybarns and the grassland where be different  
   by the purposes of the dogs'owners.They can teach the sheperd dogs,house dogs or  
     theater dogs. We may view the dog show in a closeby theater.No extra charge is needed.    
     In the neighborhood, there is a small cowboy museum. We just have a short look inside.    
     It is nice to see but is not really of our interest.The animal feedup area is more attractive    
     for us. We can buy different food to give by hand to the calves,rabbits,horses or goats.    
    We spend quite a while here until we hear a call, back to the tramp which will send us    
     to the finish of the farm tour.    
 Departure to korat city
   We leave behind the streakhouse,icecream and coffee shops, also all other facilities in  
   the farm front, to get an easy lunch by the lakeside of the Lamtakong dam. At full  
   capacity, it can keep up to 310 million meter3. It is rather small comparing to the  
   Sri-nakarin dam (20,000 million meter3) in Karnchanaburi or the Bhumipol dam  
   (13,512 million meter3) in Tak. Yet it is similarly multifunctional, of which water can  
     supply wide coverage of agricultural projects, and also is used to generate power for the    
     Korat city, as well as for Bangkok. The big service center by the lakeside is the pilotship    
     project of the highway department under the campaign ' a break within 4 hour drive '.    
   The information center provides many leaflets and exhibits different selling points  
   of Korat.  
  Safari sphere at the Korat Zoo
   We just bypass the Korat city to visit the Korat zoo. It is one of the 5 zoos in Thailand  
   which are state-run. Its uniqueness is not by the size,but by Safari like it is, which can't  
   find completely in other state zoos. It is just here in Thailand where we can see the real  
      african elephants, one of the top 5 safari animals.    
     We can explore this open zoo by different means. Walking is our free energy.We can go    
     on biking, or may sit on a tramp.Currently,self drive on a golf car is another alternative.    
   In the final end, there is a jurassic garden which can fulfill many children's dreams.stand  
   Models of Dinosaurs,both Theropods and Soropods, as well as the mammoth  
   patiently there always to be taken photos with.  
  'Yar Mo' the heroine in the Korat city
   We happily drive out from the zoo back to town. The aunty ' Mo' (Yar Mo) is the first  
   person in town we pay respect to. At her monument, we recall what she did 180 years  
     ago,for the safty of the Korat people against the Laos army.For many Thais, not only    
     heroine but goddess being she is lifted up to.Many come to wish for her blessing, so do    
     we.Forget we never to walk through the old ' Choompol' city gate at the back with a hope    
   that the local saying will turn true -- "walk through the choompol gate for 3 time  
   clockwise,we will finally marry the Korat wife"  
   We end our trip today at the Korat night bazaar.Dining and shopping are all comfortable  
   here. We go on window shopping and look around to people. Deeply we hope the local  
   saying of the Choompol city gate will come true to us as soon as perhaps tonight here in  
   the night bazaar.