"The natural trip from the Kao Yai national park to the wineyard of Korat"

   The general statistic of Thailand in 2007 reports about 64 million Thai citizen resides within over half million square kilometers  
   size of land. one/third of its land and also the population lies on the north-eastern region. The residential number increased  
   steadily during the last 100 years after rails and roads were completed to connect the then forgotten area to the central  
   development. In fact, this big piece of land posseses varieties of charmful attractions from nature to historical sites. Many  
   are even older than the history of the country. The real barriers which block visitors out are the long distance of one attraction  
   to others, and also its huge land coverage which make it difficult to decide from where to get start. To solve such problems,  
   we have designed our trips into different routes. Hereunder is the journey to the lower North-eastern region.  
 Nakorn Nayok and Prachinburi : the Gateway to Kao Yai
   From Bangkok, we drive northward and turn right at Rangsit towards nakornnayok  
   province. The road from Rangsit runs parallel to the canal of  the same name.There are  
   many smaller canals runing across. Infact, these canals have their names,but people  
   give them the number and easily call them in numeric order,from klong 1 to klong 20.  
   They then become the location markers on the road map.  
           Just before we arrive klong 15, we turn left and drive on the road of gardens and flowers.          
           Many vendors grow flowers in pot for sale along the road. It runs for 8 kilometers and          
   covers over 360 acres. It is considered the longest road of flowers and the biggest flower  
   market of Thailand.  
   From Nakonnayok, we drive further to Prachinburi to enter Kaoyai national park which  
   is the first one ever been announced in Thailand. This national park is on a mountain  
   range that divides the North-eastern away from the Central region. Originally people  
   called it "Dong Phya Fai". It shows their fear of the hazard from entering this dense  
           forest for the shortest across regional accession. The completion of the rail link from          
           Bangkok to Korat has eased the journey. People felt less afraid of the forest and later          
   gave another name,"Dong Phya Yen"  
   Shortly after the national park being announced, a road was cut from Pakchong to the  
   park center. Another road was later built to connect the center to Prachinburi on  
   another side. Now the national park is completely divided in 2 divisions.  

 waterfalls and animal watch tower in Kao Yai

   Just 10 kilometers from the national park checkpoint, we park our car and continue on  
           foot to the Haew Narok waterfall. The asphalted trail runs for 1 kilometers under green          
           trees and across streams sometimes. Around 50 meters before we arrive to waterfall top,          
   we encounter a set of concrete columns which block wild elephants from entering  
   beyond. It is to prevent them from walking too closed and riskily being blown down the  
   fall by the strong current during the peak of the rainy season.  
   This waterfall has 3 levels which is altogether as high as 150 meters. From the top of the  
   highest level as we are, we could hardly see its beauty. Only down the steep concrete  
   stairs to its bottom can we see. During the rainy season, we may feel the mist of the fall  
           from a distance. Another 2 lower levels lie further down. A forestry officer is required          
           to lead the walk. More time and efforts are in need. We decide to come back to explore          
   some other attractions.  
   Nong Pakchee is the name of a water swamp on the grassland, just one km. Being closed  
   to the saltlick,sources of calcium in demand of animals to built up their bones,teech and  
   horns, it is the ideal place for animal watch. Thus the animal watch tower is built just  
   here. We sit quietly and look far beyond the edge of the grassland in hope for a sight of  
   a deer. Within half an hour, we finally realize luck is not with us today.  
           We disappointedly leave Nong Pakchee and set a new hope on the beauty of the Haew          
           Suwat waterfall. It is just one single level which is only half height of the previous          

   waterfall on the first level. The stream is less wild but it spreads wider over the rock.The  
   top view pictures can be easily taken on the wooden balcony only 50 meters walk from  
   the parking. It is even nicer on its foot where its panorama opens wide in front of us.  
   We take a while here to imprint all impressional detail deep in our memory.  
   We leave this national park from another side of the road at Pakchong. At the check-  
   point, we come down to pay respect to the deputy Jang Nisaisatya who led the police  
           team arrested all criminals who escape to stay in this forest. he died shortly after from          
           Malaria but his good action never dies out.          
 Wineyard and winery at Korat
   Our final destination of the day is in the vineyard at Kaoyai winery. It is the 2nd biggest  
   vineyard of Thailand after the biggest one in Loei province. It cultivation covers 195  
   acres. Shiraz grape for the production of the red wine dominates the big area of this  
   plantation. Chenin Blanc occupies the 2nd allocation. However, it is far smaller ratio  
   compare to the Shiraz site. This winery could produce up to 120,000 bottles of wine in  
           2004,which is the 3rd biggest production scale in Thailand after the Chateau de Loei          
           and the Siam Winery. Their wines are on market under the PB Valley and the Pirom          
   As an inhouse customer, we are invited to visit their winery. Informations are provided  
   while we walk pass the wine cellars and tanks. We sip different wines being offered for  
 taste and try to act in the way George W. Bush did when he drank this wine on the table  
   during the APEC conference 2004 in Thailand.  
   We spend the remain of the day wandering around the vineyard.Many photos are taken  
           in camera. Also many pictures are kept in memory.Some show up in our nice dream in          
           the accommodation of the vineyard tonight.