When people talk of the trip to explore Bangkok by night,many of them think of the sexy activities they can do in the lonely night.  
   They also think of the illumination of all pubs and  bars surrounded by group of sexy girls. That may be one side in the night of  
   Bangkok. In fact, if our vision is opened properly, we will easily see Bangkok by night on another side.The illumination can be  
   seen but this time on the cultural architectures. Rather than the sexy dancing girls, we will see lifestyles of the Bangkokians from  
   different angles. Let join us and gain the new vision of the Bangkok by night.  
 Baiyoke Sky Tower, the tallest building in Thailand
     Our trip starts in the early evening on the current highest skycrapper of  Thailand. The    
     record in 2007, the Baiyoke sky tower is the 28th highest building, but the 4th highest    
   hotel of the world. The panoramic view of Bangkok from the topmost where visitors  
   can reach especially during the transition from dust to dark is really wonderful.We can  
   feel how tiny we are in such a great metopolitan like Bangkok.  
  The superb international buffet is available every evening on the high enough level where  
   both the taste of food and view can be consumed. Group of entertainers separately visit  
   each table to enhance the lively marvelous night.  
 The marble temple and Ananta Samakom thronehall
     The speedy glass elevator finally brings us down on earth.Now we are ready to explore    
   the illumination of Bangkok by night.Along the Sri-Ayuthaya road,we slowly pass the  
   brighten up marble temple (wat Benjamabopit) and the big square in front of Ananta-  
   Samakom thronehall. The monument of king Chulalongkorn (Rama 5) on the horse  
   back stays in mid of the square which gives its name " Larn phra boromaroop songma  
   --the square of the king on his horse back".This square has been used in different events.  
   One of the most remarkable is the marching of the royal guards in their colorful  
     uniforms to vow their  loyalty to the king,which occurs annually a few days before his    
     birthday (december 5th).    
  Anantasamakom thronehall is a part of king Rama 5's new royal palace.The project was  
   inspired when he visited the Windsor palace which is within a day reach from the  
   Buckingham palace.The main boulevard which connects the new palace to the  
   traditional one,however, was made after we changed our governing system from the  
   absolute monarchy to the constitutional monarchy. As such to celebrate the two great  
   anniversaries of the king during 2006-2007, many beautiful arches are decorated  
     alongside in his honor.    
 Mahakarn fort and Mahajessadabodin Pavillion
   Mahajessadabodin big ground is right in the center of the boulevard. it is next to the  
   Mahakarn fort which protected the inner Bangkok from its enemies over 160 years ago.  
   The temple on the golden mount (Phukaotong) as its background was that time outside  
   the Bangkok city.The principal architectures on this ground are the monument of king  
   Nangklao (Rama 3) and the Jessadabodin pavillion,where in front will the most  
   honorable guests of Bangkok be given the symbolic key of town.Lohaprasart of  
     Rachanadda temple is just a few steps backward. It is one of the three architectures of its    
     kind ever exists on earth.    
   A few hundred meters further up is the roundabout of the Democracy monument.It was  
   constructed in 1939, just 7 years after the changeover of the Thai governing system.Its  
   design gives hints to the date of such the changeover and its plan imitates that of the  
   Arch of Triumph in Paris.  
 Market by night around the Memorial Bridge
   The memorial bridge is the second bridge which connects Chaophraya river from the  


   west to the east It can be busy during the day and also by night especially after the setup    
     of the real local night market. Foreigners can be easily counted in this market.    
   Pakklong Talad (flowers market) is just a few minutes walk further. Infact,we'd rather  
   say the market for flowers, vegetables, spices and fruits. The wholesale and retail market  
   as it is,it is opened by day and night to serve customers of all levels.  
   Pakklong Talad is located by the side of Koo Muang Derm canal. It was dug up in ring  
   to join with the main Chaophraya river, as such to fortify the innermost Bangkok. The  
   expansion of the city has moved eastward the development.The inner city is now  
     preserved for tourism which makes it busy during the day but becomes calm and quiet    
     after dark.    
   The inner Bangkok and the Backpacker area at Kao Sarn road.  
   We drive quietly pass wat Po and the Grand Palace. The illumination is not as bright  
   as those of the outer zone. The Phra Artit road marks the exit from the inner.Pubs and  
   restaurants start to be at sight and become more clustered at Kaosarn road,the  
   backpacker area.  
   Phra Sumeru fort by the riverside is one of the two forts which still remain in Bangkok.  
     We stroll toward the river to enjoy the pleasant windy fresh air, and also the beautiful    
     scene of Rama 8 bridge on the far  end.We then drive back to Kaosarn road,the final    
   of our night trip. Originally it was developed as the backpacker area where simple and  
   non expensive accommodations can be offered. Now many pubs and costly restaurants  
   take over the location and drive such accommodations farer away.Shopping the  
   products of the backpacker and other backpacker activities are all possible in this night  
   walking street.People are different in point of interest and need their own time plan to  
   fit them. So we take this chance to split up and finalize the night trip here.  
     Have a nice evening, all guest and good night Bangkok.