Skytrain, the 2nd newest mass transportation system in Bangkok, was opened on December 5th, 1999 to relieve the traffic crisis  
   in this great metropolitan at the time.Currently,there are only 2 lines which crisscross to cover the business and shopping heart of  
   Bangkok. Running on high level above many important buildings, skytrain offers a new way of overlooking Bangkok which we  
   haven't experienced before on ground.  
   This tour is designed to rely on skytrain riding.We make many hop offs to visit Soi Lalaisup--the street market for the white collar,  
   Siam Square--the fashion square of Bangkok,wat Patoomwanaram and Rajprasong--the intersection of magical beliefs.We finally  
   end this tour on entering the Lumpini public park. Here we can be  relaxed, the same way as the locals do after their long serious  
   working days.  
 Start on skytrain and hop off at the Bangkok wallstreet
           We start our journey at the Taksin Bridge terminal.Two stations afterward at Chong          
           Nonsi station,we get off.This station is on Narathiwas road which connect all Bangkok          
           wallstreets--Silom, Sathorn road Surawangse road.Some pieces of artworks are nicely          
   exhibited along this precinct.Then we enter a small alley heading towards soi Lalaisup-  
   the street marketfor the white collars.This small street is busiest during lunch time week  
   -daily when employees come out for lunch. Different products from meals,fruits,snacks  
   until garments and toiletrys are available in this market.On another end of this market  
   is Silom road. It is considered the real first class central business district (CBD) of  
   Bangkok.The first and the only road which lay its wire underground in Thailand  
           is just here. Its beauty is lessen as a tradeoff with the convenience from the skytrain          
           which run over half of this road. Great opportunities are available for the right person          
   who knowhow to take them in this area of high purchasing power.  
   NOTE : an alternatiive walk during weekend  
 Get back on skytrain towards the shopping heart of Bangkok
   We hop on the skytrain again at the Saladaeng station just next to the Patpong street.  
   It is quite known for the western nightlife and its night market.  
   National Stadium is our next point to get off.The main attraction for this stop is the  
           houses of Mr. Jim Thompson by the side of Saensaep canal. Five old houses from          
           Ayuthya and one from just across the canal were bought and assembled together to keep            
   collections of antiques.To see the taste of the Western in the Thai traditional houses is  
   quite interesting.For some visitors,however,the enigma of his disapperance in Malaysia  
   may be even more.   
   Siam Square, the current fashion and shopping area of Bangkok is in the neighborhood.  
   Its legend starts from the construction of 3 big cinemas not so far from the biggest and  
   the oldest university of Thailand.Many shopping malls have been developed   
           continuously,  from MBK center,Siam center,Siam discover until Siam Paragon. The          
           easy accessibility onto the skytrain for all routing even boosts its popularity.          
   In the mid of the busy shopping zone,is located the peaceful wat Patoom wanaram.  
   Monks in this temple are all in the Dhammayud sub-chapter which was established by  
   king Mongkut (1851-1868) 156 years ago.Visitors who may want to step out from the  
   busy activities can get in here or else practice meditation in the next door meditation  
 Feel the magic power at the intersection of superstition
           The Rachaprasong intersection is just a few hundred meter walk from the temple.Here          
           we can enjoy more shopping in the malls around each corner.Center world plaza is the          
   biggest in this intersection.It has a big foreground of which many activities can be  
   organized.The most popular ones are the winter beer festival and the new year  
   For some visitors, the reason of shopping is inferior to the magical beliefs.It starts from  
   the belief towards the special God at the corner of Erawan hotel.The Hinduists and Thai  
   Buddhists call him 'Brohmma' but the  
           chinese buddhist call him 'four face buddha'. Many wishes have been requested and          
           many promises have been proposed in return once they come true.The stranger to offer,          

   the greater posibility the wishes can be accomplished.The fact that may wishes have  
   been reached accelerates the strong belief  in this God, not only for the Thai,but also  
   among the overall Chinese in Southeast Asia.  
   Being afraid that the construction and sales of each mall in will be affected by the strong  
   power of this God,each developer installed the shrines of  other Gods to counterbalance.   
   All of them are in Hinduism.The most popular God is Kanesh, whose body is human  
           but whose head is elephant. He is generally worshiped by the Hinduists and specially by            
           the Thai artists.His importance gradually becomes more accepted by the wider group          
    of Thais.   
 Make the last hop on skytrain to the Bangkok oxygen provider
    Lumpini park once was the royal horse riding track. It was given for public access from  
   the generosity of the King Vachiravuth (Rama 6).Now,its almost 150 acres piece of land  
   is not only the oxygen provider to Bangkok city, but also a place where people can enjoy  
   different exercise and social recreation.  
           From this morning till now, we have seen the modern lifestyle of Thais along the path          
           of skytrain . Many contrast have been realized--the modern scientific lives VS the          
           magical beliefs and the actual busy lives VS the dream of calmness.The next contrast          
   awaiting for us is the modern VS the traditional lifestyle which we can experience from  
   another program.  
   Note 1:*** Jatujak weekend market to replace Soi Lalaisup  
   The Lalaisap street market aims their market at the white collar officers who work on the  
   surrounding. It is busy during the weekday but will be quiet on weekend.The weekend  
   market can best be the substitution before we keep on to other places in our program.  
   Jatujak weekend market was established for more than 30 years to relocate the market  
   of the used books away from the beautiful historical part of Bangkok.Having abudant of  
     space, many stalls were also allocated to make a weekend market. Now it is considered          
     the biggest weekend market in the world. Many activities and promotional campaign          
   can be seen especially a the heart of the market within the precinct of the clock tower.