"the natural adventure along the river Kwae noi, Kanchanaburi"

   When people talk of natural forest and possibility of trekking in Thailand, Chiangmai and Chiangrai are always the first two  
   provinces which they can suddenly recall. The distance of over 700 km. away from Bangkok, for some travellers, makes it  
   seems too far to reach.Karnchanaburi which is only 128 km. away to the west of Bangkok can be the closest choice.During  
   the 2nd world war, Karnchanaburi was a strategic province where the Japanese laid  the rail to make the inland connection  
   between Thailand and Burma. It was to replace the marine channel where the inferior fleet of the Japanese gunships were  
   often bombed down by the superior allied airforce. Over 200,000 labors from the P.O.W. and asian workers were commanded  
   on its construction to make up with the tight time schedule. Almost half sacrificed  their lives for it. After war, some parts of the  
   rail are maintained and many museums are built to remind the younger generations of the war cruelty. They become another  
    attraction for the trip to this province.  
   Kwae Noi is one of the strategic rivers that flow in Karnchanaburi province.Originating  
   from Sangklaburi district where 3 rivers from Burma Meet, It runs over 300 km. down  
   to join with the Kwae Yai river in town. There are many attractions en route,which can  
   be attractive for both the nature lovers and the natural adventurers. Some are selectively  
   suggested down here.  
 Lawa cave national park
           We get on a long-tailed boat from Pak Saeng pier which is 2 km.back from the Namtok          
   train station. It takes only half hour before we break our boat trip to visit the Lawa  
   cave. It was well protected in wood up hill and would still be undisturbed if not a  
   porcupine led a hunter by chance to the entrance. Now,a walk way is built up to the  
   cave and light bulbs are installed to lead the way and to illuminate its stalagtites and  
   stalagmites. Rooms are given names from the images people could imagine about ie  
   the Buddha room, the monkey room, the crocodile room, the music room and the  
           chamber room. Ticket is required to enter this part of the national park.          
  Jungle Raft, the romantic resort in real touch with the nature
   Back down from the cave, we continue on boat again to the Jungle Raft, the real simple  
   resort by the riverside.It provides all facilities and services as similar to all 3 star resorts  
   in Karnchanaburi. What it misses are only the electricity and all concerning appliances.  
   Minibar, warm water or lighting from wire can't be expected.  
 Saiyokyai waterfalls on side of the river bank
   We check in and refill our energy at the resort. After lunch, we continue on boat further  
           up to the Saiyokyai national park. The ticket to the Lawa cave is applicable here.We          
           then move from our boat to a big raft house. The boat we get on is changed to a tugged          
   boat to pull the raft down to the Saiyokyai waterfall. It is our will then to exploit the  
   time either to enter the fall cave or to stay under the runing down stream. Swimming  
   in the river is not recommended due to the strong current and its whirlpool.  
   For photographers, the best photo shot can be taken from opposite side of  
   the river. Crossing the cable bridge, we may walk along the short natural trail to take  
   the photo of the waterfall we just played on raft. We may also step up to the top of the  
           riverbank to take the top view photo of another waterfall by the bridge side. Then we          
           can visit the organic plantation of pomelos and other kinds of fruits.          
 Romantic night under the lamp light at the jungle raft
   Our boat brings us back to the resort in the late afternoon. We hang around the central  
   bar as to kill the time. Any kinds of drinks can be expected here except wine. Simple  
   cocktails are also available from the Mon bartender.  
   Around 19:30 the dinner time is announced. We enjoy our set thai food in the joyish  
   atmosphere under the romantic lamp light.We go to bed early tonight under the lullaby  
           of the nature.          
 In the mon village at the jungle raft

   Lives at the resort start quite early. Before 06:00 am. Mon staffs are all ready in service.  
   They are hired from Burma in the Mon territory just across the Karnchanaburi border  
   to work here. Their temporary village above looks very clean because they sweep the  
   ground twice a day. Those who stay closed to the central walkway open their houses to  
   sell the products from Burma. Silk, Burmese tobacco and the Tanaka beauty powder are  
   some on offering. The Mons are so strong tribalism. Over 1,000 years ago, they were so  
           powerful in this region. From time to time, the Burmese unified them a part of the          
           Burmese kingdom. Nevertheless, Their cultures have never been assimilated. Young          
   Mons have been implanted with Mon language, cultures and dances in schools. Deep  
   in their conciousness, they really hope one day  they can recover their independent land  
   We walk another 350 meters away from the village along the natural lane.The  
   destination is the natural dwelling of a Mon monk in a cave above the river. The small  
   cave is modified to be the bedroom and also functional room. Buddha images are built  
           to be the principal of this dwelling. Luckily we arrive when he is present.He calls us in          
           to give blessing before we depart back.          
 Rafting and swimming at the jungle raft
   Our afternoon is spent on a paddle raft. The point is not for rafting but for floating  
   along. It takes 30-40 minutes for the trip from the Jungle Raft to the Resotel resort  
   downstream. We enjoy swimming in the real pool of the resort before we take a  
   longtailed boat back. The final swimming is at the biggest natural pool of the resort  
   (the river). Many make fun by jumping and floating from the head down to the end of  
           the rafts.They may repeat as many time as they like till their energy runs out.The dinner          
           tastes extra delicious after our exhuasted day,and the night is also extra romantic from          
   the good memories we collect during our stay. Though our minds request till the last  
   minute to hang around, our physical bodies do not respond.  
   Goodnight, jungle raft, but never we say goodbye because we will meet you again  
   certainly when our schedules are free..