Koh Kred is a small island along the Chaophraya river around 40 km. up north of Bangkok.Its formation was simply by  
   connecting the 2 river curves with a canal by the order of king Taisa during the late Ayuthaya period. The approximate 6,000  
   people who register here were divided into Thai & Mon buddhist, and also Thai Muslim. Each has one own way of living.  
   While most of the Thai Buddhists and Thai Muslims earns their income mainly from their agriculturing, the Mon buddhists  
   live on trading and pottery making.  
   Biking along the ring road that runs over half of the island can offer you the best opportunity to involve with and learn from them.  
   The speedy boat trip around the island is quite enjoyable with beautiful scenery.It can also describe how patient the ancient people  
   were when they needed to travel along this highly curvy river. The luxurious big cruise back to Bangkok is quite relaxing.The  
   scenery differences alongside the river from the countryside to the center of development is obvious.An international buffet lunch  
   is daily served on board.  
 Biking on the koh kred island
   Our trip starts when we drive 25 km. to wat KlangKred and connect the furry to wat  
   Parlaelai, where we will begin our biking.  
   We make our first stop at the Kohkred Pottery OTOP center.Visitors can see the  
   production and even try to make ones themselves.This center mphasizes more on the  
   high quality carving pottery and uses the modern electrical stove in stead of the  
           traditional kiln.Once, a pottery from here was specially made and presented to the king          
           to celebrate his 60th annivesary on throne.          
   The walkway from this center to wat Paramaiyikawas, the main attraction of this island,  
   and further up to wat Pailom, is full of markets during weekends and public holidays.  
   The products on sale are mainly locally produced such as the balsom, snack and dessert.  
   Walking with bike through this market while looking over their products can be more   
   The citizens of Kohkred are divided into 3 main groups--Thai and Mon buddhists,and  
           Thai muslim. They live seperately within 7 subdistricts.          
           This market and a few subdistricts beyond are mainly filled up with Mon.They have          
   strong nationalism and try their best to preserve their own culture.The leaning Chedi  
   around the corner of the island which symbalizes Koh Kred resembles theMutao Chedi   
   at Pako (Myanmar).The architectures at Wat Pailom are the mixture of Thai-Mon  
   We ride on bike again from wat Pailom through the green zone of the island.Rice and  
   other plantations are grown by the Thai buddhists and the Thai Muslims here.While   
           waiting for their harvest, the Thai farmers also produce coconut sugar from its flowers,          
           which is the main ingredient they apply into their famous Thai desserts.          
   The route of our bike is changed from inland to riverside at Wat Salakun.It is one of the  
   first temple in this island. Originally, we believed this temple was next to the river. The  
   strong tide of the river has accumulated and stretched out its land.There are two  
   subdistricts in this area-- Salakun nai and Salakun nork. Both are occupied by the Thai  
   It is only a short bike along the riverside before we are back inland on the zone of the  
           Mon Buddhists. kred Buddha guesthouse, on of a few on the island is on our right. It is          
           only half kilometer away from wat Paleilai where we start and we will finish our biking          
 Long tail boat trip around koh kred
  We continue our trip on a compact speedy longtail boat around the island.This exciting  
   boat trip can be relaxing.It not only provides a good scene of the local lives but also gives  
   the idea how patient the ancient Thai were when they travelled along this curvy river.  
   Bangbuathong canal, know as the canal for Thai Dessert, is on our visit by boat.We can  
           see the demonstration on how to cook the Thai desserts which were applied from the          
           Portuguese recipes 400 years ago.           

 Cruising back to Bangkok
   Rather than driving as we did on arrival, we decided to cruise back to Bangkok.The  
   scenery change gradually from the provincial to that of Bangkok is quite interesting.  
   Many important architectures can be seen along the journey ie The temple of Dawn,  
   the Grand Palace,the bank of Thailand and the asymmatric cable bridge (Rama 8  
           bridge). Buffet lunch is served on board.