Thailand, by geography, can be classified into 4 different regions. They possess various attractions in term of nature and landscape,  
   history, culture and also the local way of living. They are briefly described region by region underneath.  
  click to see Bangkok Iteneraries  Bangkok has been the capital of Siam since 1782,after king Buddhayokfah chulalok, the founder of Chakri  
   dynasty decided to move it from the west to the east of Chaophraya river for the better potential expansion.  
   At start, the center of Bangkok was by the riverside not so far from the grand palace and its main territory was  
   within the area of Ratanakosin island. For over 200 years, Bangkok has passed different phases of development.  
   Its boundary now seems infinite and its inhibitants in reality are estimated to be over 10 millions.Though  
   changes still keep on, they are in different speeds by each area of Bangkok.the real charm of visiting Bangkok  
 is to witness these contrast.  
  click to see Central Siam Iteneraries  The central region of Siam is considered a plain geographically. Many provinces in this region including  
   Bangkok didn't emerged up from the sea untill 1500 years ago. The formation of land is plainly by the  
   accmulation of earth being carried by rivers to the delta, muddy land and lowland finally. The only exception  
   is specially on the west region which the earthplate lifted it up to the mountainous area. Both the fertile land  
   and easy accessibility to the sea were all beneficial to the development of different kingdoms especially on the  
   strategic junctions of the main rivers. People could lived on agriculturing and developed the wealth of the  
 kingdoms from inter- kingdom trading. These can be traced back nowaday by visiting the central provinces.  
  click to see the north Siam Iteneraries  The Northern region for the Siameses is the roof of the kingdom.Lots of mountains are quite common here.  
   Most of them are over 1600 meters higher than the sea level. The top three mountains in Changmai widely  
   known as the top three highest mountains of the kingdom are all higher than 2000 meters. People from different  
   tribes had selected their preferable settlements on different height and had lived in their own lifestyles. The  
   forest and cold climate from the mountains had the direct effect in their slower but more gentle living paces,  
   which enhance the charm of visiting the North besides its beautiful scenic nature.  
  click to see north-east siam iteneraries  Million years ago during the Triasic and Jurasic period,when dinosaurs still dominated this planet,this region  
   was just lowland and also undersea land in some parts. It was lifted up to be the plateau by a later great  
   movement of the earth plates. Many lifes had lived in this region as we have been discovering many evidences  
   of lives, from the fossils and footprints of the gigantic dinosaurs, the coffins and the painting of pre-historical  
   man of 3000-4000 years ago, to the ruins of the Khmer influence the 10th-13th century.    
  click to see north-east siam iteneraries    
   When the North-eastern region was unified as a part of Siam, people here were quite far away from  
   the central control and development. The climate was kind during the rainy season when they can grow their  
   agricultural products but was so cruel during the dry season when even the water from some big rivers dried  
   out the bottom. These seasonal condition implants in them many characters.They are the real fun lover as they  
   will enjoy their lives shortly once a year during the water season. The dry season makes them so tolerated and  
  click to see north-east siam iteneraries  adaptive to the cruelty of climate.  
   This region of Siam is really attractive to those who are curious to see evidences of lives and culture of people  
   from different period. The local way of living is also charmful especially during the rice growing and harvesting  
   season when may ritual ceremonies are performed to assure the pleasant climate.  
  click to see the East Siam Iteneraries  Though the eastern and the Southern provinces lie along the coastline, the general climate is different.  
   The East coast has more effect from the continent of which seasons are divided into 3 rather than 2 seasons  
   as in the southern peninsula. Its continental parts gain direct benefit from rain carried by the coastal monsoon  
   and make dense forests in the surrounding national parks, of which many beautiful waterfalls lie within.  
   Plantations of fruits also get such benefit. The famous fruits from here are Langsard, Durian, zelacca and  
 The eastern beach has been popular for the Thais for such a long time.It is easier and faster to come here from  
           Bangkok than to go to the beach in others direction,especially when all the infrastructures that support the  
           eastern seaboard projects completed.The most popular beaches are Bangsaen, Pattaya, Baanpae where people   
           can cross ferry to Koh Samed. Koh Chang is a new island being promoted to measure the steps of Phuket and  
           Samui island from the South of Thailand.  
  click to see the South Siam Iteneraries  The southern region of Siam is just the long narrow land that stretches in between the 2 oceans. While all   
   other regions of Thailand has 3 seasons, the southern climate, inclining more to the peninsula type, has either  
   the summer and rainy season. Despite the seasons, travellers can enjoy their vacation here all year round because  
   the monsoon will not attack both coastline at the same time.Beside the beautiful beaches which attract more  
   visitors each year, the local way of living is also quite interesting.Their main income derives from fishery and  
   rubber and palm-oil plantation. Some other fruits like Durian,  Long-gong, Mangosteen and Rambutan are  
 also famous here. When you make a trip to the South, don't forget to give them a visit to get to know more of  
           the Southern part of Thailand.